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I am an interior Designer and House Coach. Passionate about Design and Art. I have been working at people’s homes in the last 10 years and I understood that your house is a self reflection of who you are as a person . I am convinced that through Design, we can create spaces with soul, an oasis of harmony, peace and love that reflect the personality of the people who inhabit it.




($250.00 payable via check, in person, money order or bank transfer) 

What you can expect with a consultation:

  • up to 90 minutes in your home (in person or video), looking at your space(s) and talking about general ideas, needs, wishes, decoration styles and next steps

  • Free house coaching service will be included as a courtesy. All House Coaching tools included in the package.

  • I will ask a lot of questions to understand your ideas, likes, dislikes and vision and take notes

  • measurements will be taken if needed (you will be asked to provide if this is done via video)

  • photographs will be taken if needed (you will be asked to provide if this is done via video)

After a consultation:

  • within 24-48 hours, you will receive a quote via email for the level of detail for your specific needs that will be provided in your custom guidebook

  • you will be asked to review the quote, ask questions, and sign and return the quote to begin next steps (guidebooks take 2-4 weeks to complete after your approval is given for the quote)

House Coaching

($250.00 payable via check, in person, money order or bank transfer)

What you can expect with a House-Coaching consultation:

Step 1: Preparation

  • collect images of what you like/dislike in home decor

  • gather photos of your happy moments and travel destinations

  • ​choose a room that you want to change


Step 2: First Skype Meeting (up to 60 minutes)

  • start discovering and discussing your needs by answering some questions

  • discover your limiting thoughts. Use of House Coaching tools

  • learn how to customize your home with love

  • discuss your plans for your home (single, couple, or family)

  • ​learn how to reuse and recycle what you already have in your home

  • Step 3: Second Skype Meeting (up to 60 minutes)

  • in 2 weeks from the first Skype meeting, ​receive a sketch layout of your new floor plan

  • for an additional fee, receive a 3D digital layout of your new floor plan

  • receive a customized shopping list of items

  • ​Step 4: ​​​Congratulations! You have discovered the path home to yourself!

Custom GuideBooks

$650.00 for one room. Discount will apply if building 3 rooms

A guidebook may be right for you if you:

  • don’t like getting involved in the details of selecting things for your space(s)

  • have a pretty good idea of what you want but you need some guidance to create the look and feel that you long for

  • want to shop for furniture and decor on your own, but only after you know where to begin

  • want a simple plan to follow, similar to a recipe card,  that is specific to your space(s)

  • want to have a complete service: Remodeling + Interior Design (so you can go straight to start enjoying your house)


What you can expect in your guidebook:

  • up to two different three-dimensional drawings of your space(s), to scale, with furniture, lighting, and decor 

  • a generalized color palette for your walls, furniture, and accessories

  • several pages of resources to show you what furniture and decor will work in your space and where to purchase them. House Coaching tools applied to your design, in order to get a taylormade result to you.

  • several pages of inspirational images with my notes telling you why I chose each image and how it will work in your space(s)

  • mood board(s) to show you what your space(s) could look like when you purchase the items I'm suggesting


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